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Unexpected Discovery

Title: Unexpected Discovery
Author: [info]slybrarian
Pairing: Sheppard/Mitchell
Rating: PG-13
Series: Discontinuity
Words: 600

Summary: From a prompt by [info]karmageddon: "Cam finding something that surprises him in John's porn stash."

Cam didn't exactly go looking for John's porn stash. He just happened to come across it while using John's laptop. It wasn't like it was encrypted or anything, or even that well hidden. Once he was looking at it, well, curiosity got the better of him.

A little-known fact about Atlantis that Cam had discovered upon arriving was that you could find just about anything legal on the file servers and network drives. It was practically a community obligation to bring a hard drive crammed full of files with you whenever you made the Earth-Pegasus trip, and while the expedition's librarian made sure popular titles were covered without unnecessary duplication - read, made sure that only HD movies and lossless music came along - everything else was more or less depended on what people pulled off the Pirate Bay while on leave. It was a good thing that the expedition was classified, because they wouldn't have to worry about the Wraith sucking them dry as the MPAA and RIAA would do it first. In any case, by the time Cam arrived, there were several terabytes of illicit music, videos, games, and other materials sitting in the database. Marines being Marines and scientists being scientists, a not-inconsiderable portion of it was porn.

Thus, with selection not being an issue, the question was - what favorites did John Sheppard like enough to keep on his own computer for easy access?

There was a scattering of decent military fetish porn, mostly of the pilot variety: possibly a bit egotistical, but none too surprising. Farmboy-themed porn, ditto, although Cam would have to remind him that he wasn't an actual farm boy. Bondage porn - been there, done that. There did seem to be quite a bit focusing on threesomes, moresomes, double-penetration, and gangbangs, but again, knowing John's predilections that was pretty much par for the course. Certainly he'd enjoyed things quite a bit the last time he'd gotten fucked by Cam, Lorne, and Parrish in one session.

Then Cam found the Wormhole X-treme porn, not only the straight and gay rip-off videos that Sam still hadn't managed to purge from the Internet but also fan fiction. He was still sitting there open-mouthed when John wandered in.

"Hey, Cam," John said, flopping into the chair across from Cam. "What're you up to?"

"You have Wormhole X-treme porn on your computer," Cam blurted.

"Oh. That." John shrugged and scratched his head. "I downloaded it as a joke, but you know, some of it's kind of hot."

"There's porn on your computer about me and Daniel. And about me and Teal'c. And me, Daniel, and General O'Neill."

"It's not really you," John said. "Also, you have to admit, O'Neill's pretty hot."

He really was, and so was his clone now that the guy was putting on some muscle - wait, no. Hot or not, he was the General. Also, either Sam or Daniel would kill Cam if he thought about it. He still wasn't quite sure which. Possibly Teal'c, too.

"I'm deleting this," Cam declared. "Then I'm going to get McKay and have him delete it off every computer in the city."

"That's no fun," John said. "Some of it's really amazing."

"Don't care, it's going."

"You should at least read some of it first." John waggled his eyebrows. "I'll make it worth your while."

"Well... I suppose I could be convinced to hold off a bit."

As it turned out, Cam never got around to deleting anything. Also, he had to admit, some of it was hot, not to mention a good source of ideas.
Tags: sg1, sga
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