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Fic - Reciprocity 
17th-Jun-2007 11:58 pm
Blue Wings
Title: Reciprocity
Author: slybrarian and archae_ology
Pairing: Sheppard/Lorne
Rating: NC-17
Series: Dramatic Exit
Summary: The morning after goes a bit smoother than the night before.
Notes:The morning after It's Character Forming. Reading that would be nice but not required.

Evan awoke slowly, blinking against the sunlight filtering in through the half shuttered windows. He had never been one for total darkness, and preferred to wake in the morning to the feel of the sun on his face. Yawning sleepily, he shifted in place but paused as he realized that someone else was in his bed, someone was pressed against his back and had an arm wrapped around his chest. Lifting his own arm up he began to turn slowly, tensed, but suddenly sagged when he realized who it was.

"John," he said slowly, head dropping back against the pillow.

"Mmmmrm?" John lifted his head from the pillow, hair scraggly and eyes bleary. He yawned wide and mumbled out, "'morning."

"Morning," Evan murmured as he pressed closer to John, closing his eyes once more.

John started to run his hand in idle circles around Evan's stomach. "Sorry 'bout getting back so late."

Evan hummed in appreciation. "S'okay, not your fault." Smiling sleepily to himself, he began to stroke the back of John's arm with his finger tips.

"I could try to make it up to you," John said, his hand trailing further down Evan's body to slip into his underwear.

"Really?" He paused for a moment before sliding his fingers down to John's wrist. "Do tell."

"I was thinking...blowjob?" John said, whispering it into Evan's ear.

"I don't know." Rolling onto his back he looked up at John as he leaned perched over him. "Maybe something a little more, mutual?"

John blinked at Evan, a slight grin on his face. "I'm all ears."

Pulling John down so that he lay on top of him and he smirked, gaze still sleepy. "I don't know, just something, mutual, no plans, no rush, just mutual." Leaning forward he pressed his lips to John's before pulling back slowly.

John licked his lips and murmured, “But I wanna blow you."

"Well then, blow me, and then why don't I blow you?" Pressing his hands to the small of John's back, Evan sank further into the mattress.

"Hmmm..." John's eyes lit up, and he shoved the covers off to the side with his feet, before awkwardly pulling himself around so that his face was even with Evan's crotch, where a bulge was visibly growing in his underwear. "How about this?"

Evan grinned and ran his hands down John's body. "I think I like this."

John pulled Evan's boxers down and off him, tossing them onto the floor. He eyed Evan's cock with a sleepy grin and nuzzled up against it, giving his balls a little lick.

Brushing his lips against John's thigh, Evan trailed kisses up towards the hem of his boxers as he ran his fingers up the leg teasingly. With a devious grin, he nipped the increasingly sensitive skin sharply until his nose brushed against the now bunched up leg of John's underwear. John sighed softly then slid his mouth around Evan's cock, licking a drop of precome from the tip as he did.

Reaching up, Evan hooked his fingers around the edge of John's boxers before pulling them down slowly, the elastic of the waist catching around John's cock before releasing it to spring back against his stomach. When he had them around John's knees, Evan tilt his head forward and nosed John's balls softly before running his tongue along the soft skin in a broad stroke. John sharply breathed in through his nose, then hummed appreciatively around Evan's cock.

Moaning low in his throat, Evan rolled his hips slowly as his eyes fluttered shut. "John." He breathed softly before leaning forward once more to mouth at John's sack gently, lips and tongue working together as he raised a hand to grip John's cock. John shivered at the sound of Evan's voice, and slowly took Evan in deeper and deeper, until he had him entirely inside. He stayed there, his tongue working around Evan's cock in slow movement.

Evan shuddered as he felt John's tongue swirl around his cock and clenched the fingers of his free hand into John's leg. Pressing one last kiss to John's balls, Evan slid his hand down to the base of John's cock, manipulating him forward until slick head was hovering in front of his mouth. John couldn't help it and thrust into the warmth of Evan's mouth. Bobbing his head forward, Evan took as much in as possible before pulling back slightly, tracing his tongue along the thick vein running along the side of the wonderfully firm flesh.

John moaned, and started to suck and swallow, one hand gripping the base of Evan's cock tightly while his other hand traced up and down the crack of his ass. In response, Evan's head shot forward, and as John's cock pressed against the back of his throat, he relaxed as much as possible before taking him in all the way, throat rippling, milking his cock every time he swallowed.

John couldn't have stopped himself if he'd wanted. His body shook with pleasure as he came, still sucking Evan down as he did. Evan pulled back slightly as he felt John's cock begin to throb against his tongue, just enough so that he could actually taste him.

Jesus Christ, Evan thought, I don't think I’m ever going to get enough of this.

John pulled off and whispered, "Come on, Evan." As John wrapped his mouth around his cock once more, his words were enough to send Evan tumbling over the edge, trembling under John's hands. John eagerly swallowed his come down, holding Evan tight. After a minute, he dragged himself back up to face Evan again and kissed him.

Wrapping his arms around John tightly, Evan clutched at him and twined their legs together as he ran one hand up into John's unruly hair. John sighed and closed his eyes. "Do we have to get up?"

Burying his face against the side of John's neck, Evan groaned. "What day is it?"

"Does it ever matter?" John reached back and fumbled on the nightstand for his radio, eventually managing to snatch it. He held his finger up to his lips before turning it on. "Elizabeth?"

"Yes, John?"

"I'm going to take the morning off. Long night yesterday."

Evan bit his lower lip and pressed his head against John's chest, attempting to keep himself silent. John traced a finger across Evan's chest and around one of his nipples, as Elizabeth replied, "That's fine, John, take as long as you need."

"Thanks." John clicked it off and tossed the radio across the room.

Shivering, Evan stared up at John, smirking. "Hello, Mr. Devious."

"I didn't even get home until two." John pulled Evan up against him. "I think I deserve a little rest and relaxation."

"Oh, I agree. You deserve some nice, relaxing bed rest." Wrapping his arms around John he closed his eyes and curled up against his side.

"We can -" John yawned. "We can have lunch together. And maybe do something else before that."

"If by something else, you mean sleep, then yes." Resting his chin against his hand, he turned his head to watch John and smiled softly. "Then, maybe we can do something more, but for now, sleep."

"Someone," John said sleepily, "has a dirty mind. All I meant was sleep and maybe a shower."

"Of course I have a dirty mind; I can't believe you're just realizing that now." With a tired laugh he lay his head down once more and splayed his fingers across John's stomach.

"Actually, yeah." John snickered. "Thought you were a nice, innocent guy. Now shush."

"Shushing, I’m shushing." Pressing a quick kiss to John's chest, Evan reached down to grab the blankets and pulled them up over them. Yawning, he dropped back down and closed his eyes against the light, smiling quietly to himself.

18th-Jun-2007 04:50 am (UTC)
this there going to be another part?
nice job! love lorne/shep!
20th-Jun-2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
There will be more, although the next bit will (probably) be more plotty and PG-ish.
20th-Jun-2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
plot is good. this makes me wonder something though what would john do if evan was hurt? or what would evan do if john was hurt? *ponders*
20th-Jun-2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
Or what Evan would do if, say, John rode an asteroid down onto a planet? We'll see.
20th-Jun-2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
hmm... *ponders*
18th-Jun-2007 06:10 am (UTC)
OK, two words:

This rocks.

Seriously, loved it. Is there going to be more? *puppy-dog eyes at full force*
20th-Jun-2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, there's going to be more, hopefully soon.
18th-Jun-2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
*fans self*
20th-Jun-2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
18th-Dec-2007 02:28 am (UTC)
Oh, lovely.
18th-Dec-2007 03:00 am (UTC)
12th-Jan-2008 12:09 am (UTC) - I love you all!
Make love, not war!
25th-Feb-2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
I really enoyed this. I like that there's cuddling too... cuddling's good!! :-p
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