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SGA Fic - It's Character Forming

Title: It's Character Forming
Authors: slybrarian and archae_ology
Pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing. You know the drill.
Series: Dramatic Exit
Notes: Set shortly after "The Return, Part II, " with spoilers up to that point, and is a continuation of Reunion.

After Evan and John had their discussion about maybe-possibly trying out that relationship thing, the subject is more or less dropped for weeks. At first, it was because with only a few dozen people in the city it would have been painfully obvious that something was up, and while they didn’t think anyone would cause trouble, neither of them wanted to take a chance while their superiors were out for blood. Once the rest of the population arrived on Daedelus, things suddenly became far too hectic for anything to happen as they tried to get everyone settled back in. Once or twice there were occasions where they both weren't falling-over tired, but John was dead set on doing this the Right Way, no matter how horny they were.

Finally, once the marines were back in place, the scientists’ squabbling had dropped to normal levels, and things were no longer in a panicked rush, John idly came up to Evan after a staff meeting and said, "So. You free for dinner?"

Evan looked up a bit startled and blinked several times before answering. "Um. Yes?"

"Cool." John gave Evan a huge smile, and as they walked out of the room, asked, "How's 1700 sound to you?"

Evan followed John, brushing quickly by Rodney before falling into step beside the other man. "1700 sounds alright." He paused for a moment and quickly checked around to make sure that they were out of earshot of any of the expedition team. "Correct me if I’m wrong, but, are we finally going to do what we haven't had time to do?"

John nodded. "I was thinking we might watch a movie afterward, and see what happens from there." Suddenly, he blushed, and quickly added, "Or whatever. I mean, if you just wanna eat we can do that."

Nodding along with John, Evan smiled shyly. "Yeah, dinner and a movie. That sounds uh." Ducking his head he leaned back on his heels before looking back up, cheeks stained red. "That sounds really good."

"Really? Great, great." John realized that he hadn't said where, and quickly said, "Uh. Meet you on that balcony down a floor from the mess, then? I'll get the food."

Ok." They stood there, looking at each other, until John remembered that they were in the middle of a public hallway. He pointed in the general direction of the military section, and said, "So, uh. I guess we should go work. And stuff."

Laughing, Evan straightened up and locked eyes with John. "And by work you mean I should get started on your paper work?"

"Well, yeah, that's your job. I've got to...plan things. And spar with Teyla."

Evan bit his tongue and his nose wrinkled up as he fought not to laugh ever harder. "You go do that." Covering his mouth with his hand, he shook his head and stared at the ground. "I'm just going to go and finish up the last of those requisition forms you so kindly left for me to fill out, so, have fun getting beat up by Teyla!"

John did just that, and was so distracted that he managed to get tossed around the room worse than he had been in years. Teyla just sighed and shook her head, giving him a look that made it clear she thought he was acting like he was fifteen. Evan spent his time filling out forms and filing them for inclusion in the next data burst. It was tedious but it kept his mind occupied and he was grateful for that fact because if he hadn't had the distraction, by the time 1700 rolled around, he would have been ready to jump out of his own skin.

John showed up at the balcony a little early, carefully balancing a wide tray full of food and drinks. It was a perfect night out, with a spectacular sunset on the horizon that was reflecting off the towers and waves, and a warm breeze coming off the oceans. John carefully set out two places on a table furthest from the door, and rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Evan had finished up early, sending off the required e-mails before heading out and making a run for his quarters. He abandoned his uniform in favor of more comfortable clothing, and then seeing that he was going to be late, hurried for the transporters. Within moments Evan had arrived in the hall outside the balcony, and stepping out of the doors he was greeted by the sight of John framed by the setting sun.

John heard someone behind him and jumped, spinning around. "Oh. Hey."

"Hey." Evan's voice was quiet as he walked forward, shoving his hands into his pockets. John started to pull Evan's chair out for him, then hesitated. Ducking his head, Evan blushed brightly. "Thank you, but you don't have to."

"Right, right." John's manners warred with the part of his brain telling him not to embarrass his date, and won. He pulled the chair out anyways and then quickly sat down in his own. "So, uh. We've got some potato soup, and what looks to be roast beast. Oh, and pudding."

Evan waiting until John had sat down before he slid into the chair, willing his blush to disappear. "That all sounds really good, you’ve gotta love the potato soup." He looked across at John and smiled, attempting not to allow his nervousness show through. "It's really beautiful out here."

"Yeah, it is. It's not the only thing, either." John paused, spoon halfway to his mouth, "Looking great, that is. Not so much beautiful. I know."

Smile turning shy again, Evan tilted his head to the side. "Yeah, I know." Tapping his foot against the edge of the table he picked up his own spoon. "But it's still really, you know."

"Cool." John hesitated, then started eating again before he made another stupid comment. He couldn't help but keep glancing up at Evan, though.

Turning his attention to the food, Evan nudged his foot forward until it bumped against John's. "So, how went the beating?"

"Oh, she knocked me all over the place. I've got bruises on my bruises." John grinned cheerfully, and rolled up a sleeve to show off one that covered the inside of this forearm. Pitching his voice high, he said, ""You seem distracted today, John. Is there some special occasion?" And then when I paused to answer, she kicked my legs out."

"She seems to like doing that." Evan frowned. "You okay though? That looks kind of painful." Reaching out, Evan stroked his fingers against the inside of John's arm.

John opened his mouth, paused, then with a slightly shifty look said, "Just a little. Maybe you should check me out later, make sure nothing's broken."

Swallowing hard, Evan nodded once. "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer."

"I'd like that," John said, leaning forward a little and brushing his foot up Evan's leg.

"So would I." Evan trailed his hand down from the inside of John's arm to the palm of his hand. After a couple false starts, John leaned further over the table, hoping that Evan would get the idea and meet him halfway. Curling his fingers through John's, Evan pushed himself forward and pressed his mouth against John's softly before pulling back and flashing John a bashful smile.

"Hey," he murmured.

"Hey," John murmured back. He gave Evan a goofy grin, and was leaning in for another kiss when he heard the balcony door open and he jerked back so fast that he nearly tipped the chair over backwards. He looked over and couldn't help but groan when he saw Rodney emerge, followed by a laughing Katie Brown.

"Oh, colonel!" Rodney said, zeroing in on them and starting to head over.

"God damn it." Evan sighed, still bent over the table. He groaned and slumped back into his chair. "Sometimes I really hate that man."

John could tell that Katie was trying to pull Rodney the other direction, but all she managed to do was divert him to the closest table. They shared a sympathetic look and both shrugged. John wasn't quite sure how she'd managed to survive this long in their odd little relationship - hell, he'd only managed six days, and he'd been drugged for one of them - but she'd clearly gotten used to Rodney's behavior.

Completely oblivious to the three glares aimed at him, Rodney took a taste of his soup and happily said, "Mmm, this is good. So, what are you two doing down here, anyways?"

"Having dinner." Evan ground his teeth together, his foot beginning to tap impatiently against the balcony floor.

"A nice, private dinner," John said, without much hope that McKay would take the hint and find somewhere else.

"Hah, funny. That's why we came down here, too," Rodney replied, as he started to eat. Evan glared at Katie and shifted his eyes toward the door, mouthing, "Leave, please." She just rolled her eyes and reached out to touch Rodney's arm.

"Rodney, maybe we should-" she started to say, but Rodney cut her off.

"Oh, you two should here this story she was telling." He took a bite of his roast beast, and around it said, "It was hilarious. Parrish had these, these plants. Go on, tell them."

Turning to John, Evan fought back an overwhelming urge to tear McKay a new one. "Make it stop," he mouthed to John, dropping his head against his hands.

"Be nice, he's my best friend," John hissed under his breath.

Sitting back up, Evan crossed his arms against his chest, frowned, and growled, "Fine."

"I'll make it up to you," John said, as Rodney's excited babble and Katie's occasional interjections washed over him. Voice low, he added, "Very much worth your while."

"Very?" Evan returned, turning all of his attention to the man sitting across from the table from him and ignoring everything else.


After they quickly finished their dinners and left their unwanted companions behind, John and Evan made their way to John's quarters. John had appropriated one of the larger displays for the occasion, and more importantly, had forced several marines to haul an actual bed in to replace the absurd thing he'd been using.

When the door closed behind them, John leaned against it and sighed. "Ok. Next time, remind me to find somewhere more private."

"If by ‘private’ you mean the other side of the city where we know McKay cannot possibly reach in less than an hour, yes." Evan dragged himself slowly across the room before slumping on the couch and kicking his boots off. "But hey, you get an A for effort."

John walked over to where his laptop was hooked up to the monitor. "Ok. Let's start over. What do you want to watch? I've got just about anything you could ask for on here."

"To be honest, I'm not much of a movie snob, so I'm fine with anything you want to watch." Reaching up, he scratched at the tip of his nose delicately. "Well, with the single exception of the movie IT. I saw it once. Never again" Evan shuddered.

"Yeah, left me with a fear of clowns," John said as he scrolled through his files. Star Wars, no, Matrix, no, Python, no, all three Indiana Jones movies reminded him too much of recent missions. He needed something long, good, not too action-packed...ah ha. Fellowship should do. He started the movie, dimmed the lights, and flopped down beside Evan.

Biting his lower lip in an attempt to keep himself from laughing, Evan waited until John was pressed as close as possible before stretching out and resting his head against John's shoulder and wrapping an arm around John's chest, his grin turning smug as he rest, comfortable against John.

John smiled and put an arm around Evan's shoulder and leaned his head against the other man's. "Don't you be distracting me, now. I've only seen this twice. Or three times."

"I wouldn't dare." Evan snickered as he snuggled up against John. "Now let's be quiet and watch the hobbits."

"Ok, Samwise."

"Bite me, Frodo."

John quickly ducked his head to nip at the skin behind Evan's ear, then sat up straight again, watching the screen as if he hadn't done anything at all. Evan arched up at the contact, his fingers digging into John's arm before falling back, limp against the soft.

"Bastard," he growled lowly before sliding a hand up and under John's shirt.

"Sssh. Quiet." John scowled over at Evan with laughter in his eyes. "I'm trying to watch the movie."

"Sure, quiet." Evan dragged his fingers upward, stroking through the dark hair hidden by John's shirt before raking them down John's chest, nails skimming along skin until the reached John's stomach. Looking up at John, Evan smirked and pushed his hand down further until his fingertips rested just inside the waistband of his pants.

John drew a tight breath, and glanced out the corner of his eye at Evan. After a moment, he leaned his head against Evan again and gave his ear another nip before whispering, "So, this next bit's a little boring. Want to make out?"

Evan half nodded as he attempted to turn his head to the side, exposing more of his neck to John's mouth. "Making out. Good." He groaned as John's teeth closed around his ear once more. John reached up to cup Evan's chin and turned his head to face John. He paused momentarily to gather his courage, then leaned forward to kiss him. Evan let out a small sigh as their lips pressed together once more, this time without the interruption of McKay, and his hands drifted up to rest clutch at John's arms.

John grinned, and kissing Evan again he started to lean them over. Following John's lead, Evan turned and lowered himself so that he lay flat on the couch. Looking up he pulled back slightly and grinned deviously. "Come and get me."

John let himself stretch out on top of Evan, and between kisses, said, "Hmm, I think I like it here."

Evan ran his hands down John's back and replied with an amused smile, "I think I like you here, too."

All pretense of watching the movie faded away as they grew more absorbed with each other. Long, heated kisses seemed to blend into one another, and their hands roamed as they eagerly explored each other's bodies. John grew bolder, starting to slip one hand down the front of Evan's pants, and in the background the movie continued unnoticed. They were halfway through and blissfully unaware of it when fate intervened.

"You shall not pass!" A moment later, the movie cut out and the laptop started to first smoke and then burst into flame.

Startling from the kiss, Evan's head whipped to the side just in time to see the first flames shoot up from the laptop. "Jesus Christ!" He scrambled to get out from under John to get to the fire, but instead of leaping to his feet, Evan found himself tangled with John on the floor in an ungainly heap.

"Shit, shit, shit!" John struggled free of Evan as the city's fire alarm started to sound. He scrambled for his radio and shouted, "Control, this is Sheppard. My laptop just exploded, I need a fire team in my quarters."

The fire team proved unnecessary, because a moment later some sort of green liquid started to spray from the ceiling, liberally coating the laptop, the monitor, and everything else around the desk. Evan jumped back, but not before he got some on him. He raised a green hand up to his own earpiece.

"Control, this is Lorne, never mind about the team. City’s fire suppression got it." Clicking the link off, Evan reached over and wiped his hand against the edge of the couch on one of the few remaining dry spots before attempting to clear his face.

"Hey!" John said indignantly, turning his head away from the ex-laptop. "Not on the couch! Get a towel or something."

"If you want me to use a towel, go find." Finally able to open his eyes, Evan glared at John. Looking around the room, he noticed that past where he was standing everything else in the room was dry. He rolled his eyes and dropped back to the floor, wincing at the slick squish. "Well, that's Ancient efficiency for you."

John shoved him up and in the direction of the bathroom before he could drip on anything else. While Evan was cleaning himself off, Zelenka arrived and started to prod the remains of the laptop. After a minute, he shook his head and looked over at John. “Looks like it was the battery, not anything interesting. There’s been some trouble with them catching fire back on Earth.”

Evan stuck his head out to listen to the commentary, frowning deeply. "This is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but why weren't our batteries checked out when your guys found out about the ones back on Earth? You know, just to make sure they weren't the same type and wouldn't explode."

Zelenka shrugged. "That was supposed to done at the SGC, when they shipped them out for us. Usually Sergeant Siler and his staff are quite thorough about checking for this sort of thing. Not so much this time, it appears."

"Yeah, not so much," Evan muttered.

Having slipped the laptop into a container, Zelenka looked at the two of them. "So, I hope it didn't interrupt anything important."

"No, not so much, just watching a movie. It was just getting good too." Ducking back into the washroom, Evan stared at himself in the mirror, wincing at the sallow green tinge his skin had taken on. "Really good."

"I see." Zelenka's eyes gleamed mischievously. "I heard you two had dinner earlier, as well. One might draw certain assumptions from that pattern."

"Oh, really?" Evan's head popped back around the door frame, and John sighed.

Zelenka smirked at them. "Hmm, yes, very interesting data. You had dinner, started to watch movie, got very distracted, now quite flustered when questioned. Sounds like American custom, but I can't quite remember what."

"I didn't say we were distracted, did you say we were distracted?" Turning to look at John, Evan raised an eyebrow. John shook his head.

"I didn't say anything. Now, if you're done, Radek, would you mind leaving? Oh, and call someone to clean all this up." The Czech chuckled and headed out the door. Once he was gone, John turned to Evan. "So...want to try this again in your room?"

Stepping out of the bathroom once the door had closed behind Zelenka, Evan jammed his hands into his pockets before leaning against the door frame. "Yeah, my room, where it's clean, dry and not green."

"Good." John led the way out the door, past the cleaning crew that had just arrived, and down the corridor. A few people stared at Evan's green tint, but their combined glares sent them scurrying. When they finally reached Evan's quarters, John shoved him inside and looked him over. "OK, take those clothes off before you get green everywhere."

Staring at John for several long moments, Evan shook his head before stripping off his shirt and heading into his own washroom. "If I wasn't so green, I'd think that you were trying to get into my pants."

"Who says that I'm not?" John called after him.

Letting out a snort, Evan undid his pants and kicked them off. Reaching down, he picked them up off of the floor and grinned deviously. "You want in my pants? You got it."

With a laugh, he threw them out of the door and snickered as they hit John in the face. John yelped and threw them back towards Evan, laughing himself. "I wanted what was in them, not the pants themselves."

"Well, if you want it," Evan's voice cut out for a moment as he bent over to peel off his socks, "then come and get it."

John sauntered into the bathroom and grinned when he saw Evan standing there in just his underwear. He looked up and down, eyes taking in every detail. "I like this look on you."

Looking up at John, Evan's grin grew larger. "Well, if you like it so much, then why don't you and I pick up where we left off?" He began backing John past the door and through the room. John let himself be pushed back until his legs bumped against the edge of the bed and he fell down onto it, pulling Evan with him.

"I think you'll like this even more," he said, rolling them over so he was on top again and starting to slide down Evan's body.

Evan watched with wide eyes as John positioned himself between his legs, looking positively sinful. "Oh, I'm liking so far, no worries about that."

John nudged Evan's legs further apart, and cupped his hand over his crotch, feeling him through his underwear. As he felt John's hand against him, separated from skin only by a thin layer of cloth, Evan let out a soft huff of air. His hips twitched upwards as he spread his legs further apart. Swallowing hard, Evan growled, "Come on."

John pulled the underwear down and looked up at Evan with a cheeky grin, before opening his mouth and leaning forward just as his radio chirped.

"John, it's Elizabeth. I'm sorry to interrupt your night off, but we've got a problem. I need you and your team up here fast."

Evan dropped his head back with a frustrated groan. "This isn't fair," he whimpered, uncaring of how childish he sounded.

John stood up and shook his head. "No, it's not. I guess...well, I'll come back when I'm done, but I guess there's no point in waiting up for me."

Sitting upright, Evan pushed himself up and pushed John back against the wall. "You come back when you're done, and I will wait up for you." Reaching up, he grabbed John's head and pulled him down into a quick, almost brutal kiss.

Reluctantly, John left the room. Five hours, one rescue mission, and several dead giant snakes later, Team Sheppard finally returned to the city. John quickly showered, and nearly went to his own bed before remembering his promise. He quietly slipped into Evan's room, not wanting to disturb him if he was already asleep. Evan had done his best to stay awake, but despite that he had fallen asleep on top of the covers, half curled into his pillow. John smiled softly and silently stripped down to his boxers, before slipping into bed beside Evan and snuggling up against him. Unconsciously, Evan shifted closer to John and let out a soft sigh.

"G'night," John whispered. Even if the rest of the night had sucked, he thought as he drifted off, this was worth it.

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