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L-Space Excursions
Ramblings of a Lantean Browncoat
Acceleration: Story Listing 
2nd-Oct-2008 12:34 pm
Blue Wings
Acceleration: Master Story Listing

General Series Info
Characters: A cast of thousands (well, dozens) including the team, SG-1, and Bonus Winchester Action.
Main Pairings: Lorne/McKay, Sheppard/Mitchell, Ronon/Keller
Spoilers: Through about 5x10.
Timeframe: Starts out in 2010 ('Season 6') and goes on from there.
Summary: With disclosure coming on Earth, increasing disagreement between the IOA and key member nations, and the discovery of an advanced cybernetics lab on Atlantis, events in both galaxies are beginning to accelerate and spin out of control. The problem with everyone meaning well (except someone who doesn't) is that is that it only makes things more difficult to fix when the crap hits the fan.

Main Storyline
Main Storyline
1: Point of Origin - Lorne/McKay, 2010. The Epic Romance of Lorne and McKay, with Bonus Cyborg Dean.
Routine Maintenance - Lorne/McKay, 2010, PWP. In which there is inappropriate behavior in a puddle jumper.
2: Inflection Points - Lorne/McKay, Sheppard/Mitchell, Early 2011. In which John finds out and is very mature. Really. Also, flyboy love.
Stranger Here Myself - Sheppard/Mitchell, Nov. 2011. John meets Cam's family.
Skylines - Various character's points of view about Atlantis.

Technical Errata
Jane's Guide to U.S. and Commonwealth Spacecraft

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