January 12th, 2014

Blue Wings

I ain't dead

So, after roughly forever, I am trying to get myself active again on DW/LJ. The last year and a half or so have been pretty stressful and inconvenient for fannish things, but I feel like I have more time now. I'm pretty much settled into my new job, finances are straightened out, and I'm buying a house (assuming its pipes have not been destroyed since I last saw it due to Fimbulwinter). Also, after all this time I figured out how to turn off the stupid pre-fetch on the satellite internet, which basically automatically loads pages you might want but doesn't play well with DW and LJ because it doesn't always realize you're logged in, making posting very difficult. This happens, of course, right before I will be moving to a location with real internet. Hopefully fiber, not Comcast.

Anyways, for some reason I'm feeling the SG love again, so I did something that may turn out to be really stupid and signed up for [community profile] sgareversebang. 10k words isn't that bad. I actually just wrote 6k+ of replicator clone fic the other day and I already have several possible ideas for this challenge, depending on what art there is. Hopefully I can keep that up.

I haven't really found many other fandoms to really get into lately. Agents of Shields is okay but doesn't really get me going like SGA always has. Other shows I like don't seem to really have much fandom going on, other than Teen Wolf, which is more of a guilty pleasure and not something I'm sure I want to write. Especially since I'd be compelled to try to fix the rampant stupidity that tends to infect people on the show. Anyone have suggestions of cool stuff I should look into?

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